As it approaches its tenth year, DITA has persevered in delivering musical enjoyment to audio enthusiasts. Especially key during this period of change and upheaval. Where taking pleasure in the littlest details is an important affair.

In this vein, Perpetua is DITA’s 2021 Dream-Class, flagship product. A celebration of 10 years of DITA. As well as an examination of what it means to evolve and mature as a brand born out of a love of sound and music, and a desire to execute these things to perfection.

Perpetua marks a milestone, a generational change in DITA’s lineup. With an organic, ergonomic chassis shape. An improved, compact generation 2 of our Awesome Plug interchangeable plug system. And a 12mm driver for a bigger, better sound.

Internal silver wiring sourced from Kondo Audionote Japan being the cherry on top.

It’s a reminder to ourselves and to you that we are here to stay. That we are still the enthusiasts you’ve grown up with. Building good audio products that serve as conduits of both music and emotion.

Perpetua retains all the key DITA traits of meticulous casework, expert tuning, and mature engineering. Translating memory and emotion into the tangible through its incredible sense of space, scale, and detail.
  • The PPT-D 12mm Driver
  • DITA's new coil/over cable: PCOCC Copper Conducters with specifically arranged signal and return paths
  • Internal Wiring from Kondo Audionote Japan
  • The second generation of DITA's Awesome Plug
  • Universal 2-Pin compatibility
  • A unique keepsake box
Case Material

7-piece Titanium, CNC machined
Polished, PVD coated gloss black top and bottom pieces
Titanium machined removable nozzle tip
Removable SUS 304 perforated mesh plate
Titanium chemical etched spacer, machined flat and polished


2-pin internal with recess socket mold
0.78mm female pin diameter
3mm female pin pitch
Compatible with majority of aftermarket cables


1.2 meters end to end +/- 10mm
PCOCC high purity copper conductors
PE based internal jacket
PE based external jacket
Coil/Over design
Length Specific Geometry

Source Interface

Awesome Plug Version 2
Patented in various markets
2.5mm 4-pole, 3.5mm 3-pole and 4.4mm 5-pole included in package
Max cable diameter 4.6mm
SUS304 stainless steel locking barrel
Metal to metal threads for durability and secure connections
Cable Splitter


8-piece construction
SUS304 Stainless steel CNC machined, polished and PVD coated
top and bottom pieces
SUS 304 CNC machined base plate
Coated glass logo plate
SUS 304 chemical etched, polished and machined spacer plates
Internal molding for durability
Integrated sliding chin stop
Dynamic Driver

TEONEX® derived Polyethylene Naphthalate
12mm diameter matched pair
(waiting on final material data)
Impedence : 20 Ohm
Sensitivity : 108 dB
Frequency response : 20 – 20,000Hz

Two way aperiodic venting system
Internal acoustic suspension venting with controlled chamber, 259.64mm²
External aperiodic venting
Internal Cable

Made by Kondo Audionote, Japan
Highest purity silver
Aged in-house and annealed to Kondo Audionote specifications
Leather Pouch

Single sheet Italian leather
PVD brass fittings for longer and harder wear
Organic leather string
Key fob made of same material as main pouch
Round Case

Al 6061 aerospace grade aluminum with T6 annealing
Airlock valve with silicone nitrile o-ring seal
Hard anodized black with laser engraved logo
Upper cylinder : OD 89.5mm
Lower cylinder : OD
Silicone insert

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