Nori Shiota presents DITA Session in New York

DITA Session in New York is a high resolution Jazz album mastered by Japanese Jazz maven Nori Shiota using a pair of DITA Truth Earphones. Recorded and mastered specifically for the enjoyment of your DITA.

Nori Shiota


1. Georgian National Anthem (piano solo)
2. At Your Best (You Are Love)
3. I Wish I Knew
4. People Make The World Go Around
5. Nearness of You
6. Throw It Away
7. What A Little Moonlight Can Do

96kHz / 24bit FLAC 

Producer / Recording / Mixing Engineer: Nori Shiota
Vocalist: Lezlie Harrison
Guitar: Saul Zebulon Rubin
Bass: Joe Bussey
Drums: Brandon Lewis
Piano: Giorgi Mikadze
Mastering “Jett Galindo at the Bakery (Culver City, CA)”
Studio: Sear Sound Studio NY