DITA Audio builds products embodying a quest for the sublime, based off the premise that a well-crafted product is an experience in itself. Beyond the realm of audio, DITA looks to engage partners and clientele with a curiosity and passion for complete design integration and execution. Driving collaborative ventures in the fields of design, engineering and manufacturing to that end.

Established in 1971, DITA's parent company, Packagers Pte. Ltd, possesses 49 years of research and experience in automation and engineering: Treasured and translated into the uncompromising commitment to craft imbued within every DITA product.

Music Room

DITA's heart and soul lies in our love for music, both live and reproduced. DITA specifically built a music room at our Singapore HQ as a reference system. Which its engineers and sound technicians use as a reference point in the tuning of each DITA product.

Design of the Year 2015

"The designer is commendably undaunted by the crowded market for earphones. Its design team has created a product that is not just meticulously designed and uncompromising in its detailing, it is also a worthy addition to this home-grown brand’s growing reputation."

— Jury Citation 

The Answer was awarded the President's Design Award, Design of the Year 2015 for its exemplary manufacturing quality and consideration for the user experience. The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s highest honour accorded to designers and designs across all design disciplines. In particular, it recognises the significant contributions by, and achievements of an extraordinary group of people that is making a difference to the lives of both Singaporeans and the larger global community.