Audio experiences worth savouring:

DITA Audio builds products embodying a quest for the sublime,
based on the premise that a well-crafted product is an experience in itself.

Beyond the realm of audio, DITA looks to engage partners and clientele with a curiosity
and passion for complete design integration and execution. Driving collaborative
ventures in the fields of design, engineering and manufacturing to that end.


Officially incorporated in 1971, DITA's parent company, Packagers Pte. Ltd., first began operations after the late 40's, in a humble shophouse on Serangoon Road.

Presently, Packagers is a leading supplier of advanced packaging machinery and processing lines. It has served a myriad of food industries from instant noodles to coffee beans. 

Packager's history represents 51 years of research and experience in automation and engineering. Treasured and translated into the commitment to music and listener imbued within every DITA product.

New Beginnings: DITA The Answer

The Answer was designed entirely from the ground up with one simple goal in mind, to be the finest sounding, most luxurious, universal fit earphones available in its time. To achieve that, DITA worked to rethink and scrutinise every single component in the audio path. From the 3.5mm TRS connector, cable, chassis, driver, tips and even the solder used.

President's Design Award 2015

 In 2015, DITA The Answer was awarded the President's Design Award, the highest design accolade in Singapore.

"The team’s passionate attention to detail is accompanied by a profound understanding of how technical and design details can enhance the user’s experience... judging by the effusive praise in consumer reviews and blogs, the all-important sound quality of The Answer Earphones achieves the same level of excellence as the design."
— Jury Citation

The Awesome Plug & the DITA Dream

In 2016, DITA reinvented the earphone plug with the release of The Awesome Plug.

The first of its kind, The Awesome Plug is DITA's future-proof solution to the traditional earphone plug, allowing hobbyists to use a multitude of configurations on the plug end. Available in 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS and 4.4mm TRRRS. The 90-degree nature of the plug is kept functional and minimally intrusive when used directly out of smart devices.

It was released for the first time with the DITA Dream, DITA's 2016 Flagship. 

Raising the Bar: The Dream XLS

From the original Answer to the Dream Gen. 1, the Dream XLS is a cumulation of everything DITA has gleaned through years of research in its quest for the sublime: melding the lessons learnt from the development of the original Dream with new technologies and industrial know-how.

From sound signature to design and appearance, every facet of the Dream XLS is a labour of love, DITA’s endeavour to bring all it knows to your listening sessions.

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