Project M


DITA Audio Presents: Project M

In the spirit of continuous development and evolution, DITA introduces its first resin-based, hybrid earphone, the Project M.

The M’s physical appearance is a departure from previous DITA designs, taking on an even more ergonomic form factor that is at once familiar and yet uniquely DITA.

The Project M consists of DITA’s all-new PM1+ Dynamic Driver and a balanced armature driver.

As with all of DITA’s pieces, the Project M aims to be something that can be kept and enjoyed for a long time: It will be backed by a self-mandated 10 year parts or replacement availability that speaks to DITA’s commitment to stability, long term viability and re-sale value.

The Project M will be available in markets Autumn 2023 and is estimated to retail at US$325.

A New Driver Concept in the DITA Toolkit 

The Project M features DITA Audio’s PM1+ Driver, a 9.8mm dynamic driver, newly developed and custom-built specifically for the Project M.

The main engine behind the Project M’s sound, the PM1+ is responsible for the texture and characteristics behind the M’s signature. With the driver itself boasting a full-range sound with clarity, speed and a punchy bass 

The PM1+ Driver performs best with additional technology, leading us to augment the Project M’s soundstage with a single Knowles Balanced Armature Driver. 

Both these drivers are housed in a highly optimized stainless-steel chamber.  

Project M’s sound is projected through a custom moulded transfer tube that terminates in an aluminium nozzle.

The MOCCA Custom-Built Cable— Conductors by CARDAS:

Keeping in DITA's tradition of custom-building cables for every earphone. The Project M is equipped with the MOCCA cable that utilizes conductors made by Cardas in the USA.

The MOCCA cable is constructed of 16 strands of Cardas conductors per cable, twisted to DITA's specifications and jacketed in a flexible PVC outer layer.

This cable also comes equipped with DITA's APV2, future-proofing the Project M for use in the modern listener's ever-evolving rig.

Acoustic FEA is used in close conjunction with a series of both objective tests and subjective listening experiences to produce a sound tube profile that is optimised for the Project M’s dynamic driver. Continuing the DITA ethos of delivering a coherent, full range experience that is largely based on 2 channel systems. 

This entire assembly is finally encased in a slow pour, transparent resin mix, resulting in the earpiece’s elegant, intriguing visuals.      

The resulting sound is one that bears all the hallmarks of a DITA product, positioned in a new price bracket.

Mini Systainer Carry Cases: By Tanos for DITA


In a nod to the Project M's minimal industrial aesthetics. Each unit of the Project M comes with its own Systainer Carry Case, made by Tanos for DITA Audio.

Each Tanos case comes with custom-made silicon inserts, mainly to protect both the case and the cables during shipping and before purchase. Upon purchase, the user has the option to freely remove the top and bottom case linings.

Both these inserts are molded quite nicely to the Tanos Case but we've added two pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom lining for extra security. These can be easily removed should the user choose to do so

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