Future Proofed for your Convenience:
The Awesome Plug V2

One of the most overlooked components in the signal path is the humble 3.5mm TRS connector. DITA tested many aftermarket solutions before designing its own plug that aims to be sonically and ergonomically better than market alternatives. 

    The first of its kind, DITA’s original Awesome Plug was released in 2015 as a future-proof solution to the traditional earphone plug, allowing the hobbyist to use a multitude of configurations on the plug end. Available in 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS and 4.4mm TRRRS. The 90-degree nature of the plug is kept functional and minimally intrusive when used directly out of smart devices.

    Since then, the Awesome Plug it has inspired waves of interchangeable plug designs.

    2022 saw the release of DITA’s Awesome Plug Version 2. An improved version of the beloved Awesome plug with a sleeker silhouette. Reducing the strain on your source's output jack.

    The APV2's redesign also accommodates a greater variety of esoteric cables



      Every cable is characterised by its unique sonic signature and physical properties that include tensile strength, flexibility, tendency to tangle, etc. 

      There are many aspects to be considered when developing an ideal cable for use in earphones. The very nature of their use is entrenched in portability. In addition to the sound qualities, the cable must be pliable, flexible, durable and manageable during the manufacturing process. Every change in the cable diameter, jacket material composition, conductor weave and even the colour of the dye could result in a dramatic change to any of the characteristics mentioned above.

      In traditional home audio applications, such fanatical attention to construction methods can be relegated to the back burner, but in portable devices it is paramount to the building of a quality product. It is such meticulous attention to finite details that separates us from the competition.


      The Fat Cable was designed to have:

      • Sound transparency
      • Low cable-born noise
      • Flexibility and durability
      • Resistance to adverse weather
      • Tangle-free


      A collaboration between DITA Audio and Van den Hul. Our brief to Mr A.J. Van den Hul, owner and designers, was very simple; build us the best cable possible. With over three decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, a cable of such sonic purity was created that we couldn’t call it by any other name but The Truth. All joins are soldered with Van den Hul Lead-free Silver solder for best sound.

      THE OSLO

      Both Project 71 and DITA's upcoming Dream XLS comes with the OSLO cable. Custom designed and custom-built, the OSLO cable and the OSLO-XLS consists of PC-Triple C high purity copper conductors, extruded and soaked in a squalene suspension of gold and silver nanoparticles. This smooths out microscopic surface irregularities that affect signal transfer and impedance, allowing better contact and smoother signal transfer.




      One of the largest contributors to poor sound is the resonance caused by the chassis. More often than not, the use of plastics is the root cause of such sonic coloration, causing a situation where the chassis resonates with the driver, affecting the mid-range.

      We tapped into our engineering expertise to produce a chassis with virtually no discernible coloration, minimum resonance and maximum dynamics. Every part of our chassis from DITA's classic series is meticulously milled and turned on modern multi-axis CNC machines from a single block of metal.


      Our chassis design places the center of gravity nearer to the ear, achieving a better seal, yielding greater performance. Countless hours went into ensuring that the ergonomics, design, fit and finish of the earpieces deliver you the full DITA experience.


      Single Dynamic Driver 

      We truly believe in the use of a dynamic transducer.
      The matured state of the dynamic driver used in audiophile grade sound reproduction is a testament to the longevity and practical benefits of it. 

      Parts that ensure sound quality in crossover designs popular in home loudspeakers have not trickled down to their miniature counterparts. As such, rather than following market trends, we stay true to our deign philosophy of 'elegant simplicity, ultimate purity'.


      To fully exploit our ultra rigid chassis, we designed a state-of-the-art rigid driver that is ultra-lightweight and ultra-fast. The combination of both lightness and rigidity gives us a smooth and wide bandwidth response curve, along with stunningly quick impulse response.

      To us, only by using a single dynamic driver, could we achieve a very precise, and coherent sound that we feel is true to the music.

      “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

      — Albert Einstein