Perpetua, The new Dream-Class Flagship from DITA


Perpetua is DITA’s 2022 Dream-Class, flagship product. A celebration of 10 years of DITA. It is a self-examination of what it means to evolve and mature as a brand born out of a love of sound and music, and a desire to execute these to perfection.

Perpetua marks a milestone, a generational change in DITA’s lineup. With an organic, ergonomic chassis shape. An improved, compact generation 2 of the Awesome Plug interchangeable plug system, and a 12mm dynamic driver and a new collaborative venture that is at once recognizable as a hallowed name in high end audio.

Internal silver wiring sourced from Kondo Audionote Japan being the cherry on top.

As it approaches its tenth year, DITA has persevered in delivering musical enjoyment to audio enthusiasts. Especially key during this period of change and upheaval. Where taking pleasure in the littlest details is an important affair.It’s a reminder to ourselves and to you that we are here to stay. That we are still the enthusiasts you’ve grown up with. Building good audio products that serve as conduits of both music and emotion.

Perpetua retains all the key DITA traits of meticulous casework, matured and thoughtful tuning, and careful, concise engineering with a dash of sophistication. 


Size and Grandeur: The New PPT-D 12mm Driver

A year of closed borders led us to plumb our own reference systems for inspiration. Rediscovering the joy and magic that came with tubes and analog gear. This period of play and exploration inspired us to create a bigger, bolder sound signature that remains clearly DITA 

This was a near-impossible task without increasing the diameter of our dynamic driver from 10mm to 12mm. The new PPT-D driver platform marks the beginning of a refreshed house sound. 

One that’s moving, immersive, and human regardless of the playback volume.

The PPT-D sits in an acoustic chamber of titanium specially optimized for its size and function. Maximizing both the 12mm driver’s potential and the metal’s sonic qualities.  A continuation of the tuned acoustic concept used in earlier products such as the XLS.

Coil/Over Cable

Since the introduction of the Answer Truth Edition, DITA has always worked with specialty audio cable manufacturers to produce one-of-a-kind collaborations that elevate the enthusiast’s experience.

The Coil/Over cable uses Length Specific Geometry: Utilising varying lengths of signal and return paths to reject micro interference. 

While difficult to design, it is even more difficult to produce. The nonlinear positive and negative signal leads are arranged in a coil-over construction of 6mm pitch. Resulting in a unique, “wheat-ear” like appearance that aims to reduce noise and distortion.

The conductors are drawn from PCOCC, a high purity copper. Which results in an open sound stage, increased image definition, note delineation and a darker background that improves detail retrieval.

Listening tests indicate a cleaner presentation that minimally influences the inherent tonal characteristics of the host source unit or analog output transducer.

Silver, Worth more than Gold: Internal Wiring, Unmistakably Kondo

DITA is honoured to have Kondo Audionote Japan, one of the pre-eminent figures of silversmithing in traditional HiFi, onboard the Perpetua project as the provider for its internal wiring.

Perpetua's Internal wiring uses Kondo Audionote Japan’s signature 99.99% pure silver. Aged and annealed in a highly secretive process, then carefully drawn into strands and soldered at an optimal temperature onto the respective contacts.

This also marks the first time Kondo Audionote Japan makes its silver available to the world of personal audio. 

The PPT’s internal wiring imparts the unmistakable sound of Audionote Japan: Unparalleled resolution with no stridence, coupled with a huge soundstage and bloom.

The result is A remarkably lifelike sound that can only be commanded by the House of Kondo.


Perpetua's bass is warm, enveloping, and bigger than ever thanks to the implementation of DITA's new 12mm PPT-D Driver. Starting and stopping on a dime but with a much more natural decay with no artificial mid-bass hump. Imbuing a greater musicality to the Perpetua’s sound signature and allowing for more intricate details to shine through, even on the lower end of the sound spectrum.

Being the frequency band where most major instruments and vocal melodies reside. The mid-range can get congested easily. Perpetua delivers a mid-range sound that is spacious, layered and well-imaged. Guiding the listener in savouring the littlest nuances, even in tracks they are familiar with.

high frequencies are airy and well-extended. Bringing a sense of well-defined, high-definition imaging to the Perpetua's sound in an effortless manner. Tying the Perpetua’s presentation together.

The Perpetua is a tool for turning the emotional into the tangible. For imbuing personal experiences with grandeur, space and scale as it sings across the entire sound spectrum.

The OG Interchangeable Plug: Now Refreshed


DITA released the original interchangeable Awesome Plug alongside the Truth Cable in 2015. In that time, it has inspired waves of interchangeable plug designs.

Perpetua will naturally be equipped Awesome Plug Version 2. An improved version of the beloved Awesome plug with a sleeker silhouette. Reducing the strain on your source's output jack. The APV2's redesign also accommodates a greater variety of esoteric cables.

Tech Imitates Life: Going Organic

Born from DITA's practice of taking inspiration from forms in real life, made possible by modern 3D prototyping and CNC technologies. Perpetua's rounder, more organic chassis is re-designed for a more comfortable fit. The design is at once, DITA, but softer, rounder and more importantly, more comfortable.

Universal 2-pin compatibility

Perpetua’s 2-pin female socket is designed to integrate better with 2-pin aftermarket cables. Most aftermarket cables will fit into the well of the Perpetua’s 2-pin socket. For a better fit and more visual coherency. 

By pushing the 2-pin female receptacle further into the body of the earphone, Perpetua is now able to integrate with a vast majority of aftermarket cables both mechanically and visually.

The Keepsake Box

Perpetua’s packaging features a vibrant material palette of metals, paper, and leather. Reminiscent of a tin of letters and memories.

The Keepsake box contains a minimalist round, metal quasi airlocked hard canister and a soft pouch made of genuine leather, for easy storage and carry. As well as commemorative metal clips to keep your documents in order.

Everything we would want to encapsulate in an anniversary product.




Case material





7-piece Titanium, CNC machined

Polished, PVD coated gloss black top and bottom pieces

Titanium machined removable nozzle tip

Removable SUS 304 perforated mesh plate

Titanium chemical etched spacer, machined flat and polished 





2-pin internal with recess socket mold

0.78mm female pin diameter

3mm female pin pitch

Compatible with majority of aftermarket cables







1.2 meters end to end +/- 10mm

PCOCC high purity copper conductors

PE based internal jacket

PE based external jacket

Coil/Over design

Length Specific Geometry

Source Interface






Awesome Plug Version 2

Patented in various markets

2.5mm 4-pole, 3.5mm 3-pole and 4.4mm 5-pole included in package

Max cable diameter 4.6mm

SUS304 stainless steel locking barrel

Metal to metal threads for durability and secure connections 

Cable Splitter








8-piece construction

SUS304 Stainless steel CNC machined, polished and PVD coated top and bottom pieces

SUS 304 CNC machined base plate

Coated glass logo plate

SUS 304 chemical etched, polished and machined spacer plates

Internal molding for durability

Integrated sliding chin stop

Dynamic Driver





TEONEX® derived Polyethylene Naphthalate

12mm diameter matched pair

Impedence : 20 Ohm

Sensitivity : 108 dB

Frequency response : 20 – 20,000Hz




Two way aperiodic venting system

Internal acoustic suspension venting with controlled chamber, 259.64mm2

External aperiodic venting 

Internal cable



Made by Kondo Audionote, Japan

Highest purity silver

Aged in-house and annealed to Kondo Audionote specifications

Leather pouch




Single sheet Italian leather

PVD brass fittings for longer and harder wear

Organic leather string

Key fob made of same material as main pouch 

Aluminum round case






Al 6061 aerospace grade aluminum with T6 annealing

Airlock valve with silicone nitrile o-ring seal

Hard anodized black with laser engraved logo

Upper cylinder : OD 89.5mm

Lower cylinder : OD

Silicone insert


About DITA Audio

DITA builds products embodying a quest for the sublime, based on the premise that a well-crafted product is an experience in itself.

Beyond the realm of audio, DITA looks to engage partners and clientele with a curiosity and passion for complete design integration and execution. Driving collaborative ventures in the fields of design, engineering and manufacturing to that end.

Established in 1971, DITA’s parent company, Packagers Pte. Ltd, possesses 50 years of research and experience in automation and engineering: treasured and translated into the uncompromising commitment to craft imbued within every DITA product.

DITA is a component of ENTRA, an idea-to-engineering entity with over a century of engineering expertise and experience.