Awesome Plug Version 2: Type C Plug



The originator of the interchangeable plug, DITA Audio released the first of the Awesome plug about 10 years ago back in 2015, inspiring waves of interchangeable plug designs that came after. 

In 2022, the Awesome plug saw its second iteration. The Awesome Plug Version 2 (APV2). An improved version of the original awesome plug with a sleeker silhouette and new-and-improved form-factor. 

This year, in a bid to make DITA’s current line-up better available to mobile streaming users, the Awesome Plug is now also available in Type-C. The interchangeable plug will come equipped with its very own DAC-chip, and will be compatible with any DITA APv2 (Awesome Plug version 2) cable released with and after the DITA Perpetua in 2022.  

The Awesome Plug Version 2 Type-C plug head will be available on the DITA Audio webstore and serves as a promise to DITA’s existing user base that its earphones, parts and product support will be easily accessible and available in the years to come. 

Class-leading Sample Rates


The APv2 Type-C plug features sample rates up to 384KHz/32bit, making  it more than well-equipped to handle any of the masterfully recorded tracks in the user’s music library. 

Low Power Usage 

While some additional power drain should be expected when using any Type-C accessory with your device, the APv2 Type-C features just 35mA of power use when the device is active and 15mA of power use when the device is on standby— this, in comparison to market alternatives that  may consume up to 45mA and 25mA of active and standby  current respectively.  


Operating Current 

Standby Current 

 Idle Current 

APV2 Type-C 




Alternative Brand X 





Unique Ergonomics 

The L-Shape of the Type-C plug greatly reduces the amount of strain placed on a source’s output jack, ensuring the longevity of both port and plug.  

This also reduces the possibility of accidental damage by limiting the protrusion of the plug perpendicular to the device bod

The APV2 Type-C is available in a frosted semi-transparent finish and subsequently in black and white to match the Perpetua earphone and Celeste upgrade cables. 

At the time of this release, the APv2 Type-C accessory is compatible with iOS devices equipped with an USB Type-C female port as well as multitude of Android based devices that use the USB Type-C standardPlease check your specific device compatibility 


Plug Type 




Compatible Impedance 

16/32 Ohms 

DAC Sample Rate 

Up to 384KHz/32bit 

Dynamic Range 

100dB@1KHz -60dBFS 




-95dB@1KHz 500mVrms 

Interference Rejection 

-115dB@1KHz 0dB 

Signal to Noise Ratio 

100dB@1KHz 0dB 

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