Project 71


Due to the fact that Project 71 is a limited run of a limited edition earphone released in 2018. Warranty support will be limited. Thank you for your understanding.

Project 71 is a special limited model celebrating the roots of DITA and the founding of its parent company, Packagers Pte Ltd. Established in 1971 — Packagers Pte Ltd has been based in Singapore for 47 years, with years of research and experience in high speed packaging automation and engineering has been translated to the technology and process used on every DITA product.

With Project 71, DITA aims to combine memories of its roots with modern, cutting edge manufacturing methods and a dash of creativity to create a product unlike anything seen before. The result is a pair of earphones that celebrates the best of old-world luxury and modern engineering technology, challenging the existing notions of analog design and user interaction. 

Borrowing from tradition while eschewing convention, Project 71 reinterprets a familiarly-shaped chassis with the less familiar brass and ebony wood, maximising the resonance properties of these materials. 

A richly flavoured sound that captivates with its nuanced demonstration of every musical note.

  • 5 pairs of final Audio Type E Eartips
  • Velvet Separator
  • Wooden Case

Finite Element Analysis helps to ensure that DITA’s components are structurally stable and well-engineered.

Equipped with an MMCX pin with a Twist Lock mechanism to prevent friction wear.

DITA uses a variety of precision engineering techniques, allowing for the precise working of brass and wood.

A DDT (DITA Dynamic Driver Technology) Gen 3 driver that utilises both composite material and stress diffusion methods. This driver is coherent within a specific signature. Mellow, spacious and emotional.

The Tuned Acoustic Chamber is a key element in every DITA product. It refers to the use of fluid dynamics to predict and control the airflow within the driver chamber of the earphone.

System Format Single Dynamic Driver
Driver Type DDT Gen 3 Driver, 8mm
Drive Unit Complement

PET PEN 0.15mm Diaphragm
Stainless Steel Driver Chassis
FR 20Hz – 30KHz
Sensitivity 109db @ 1KHz
Impedance 16 Ohms
(Plug end)

Patented and proprietary Awesome Plug
with 3.5mm TRS, 2.5 TRRS and 4.4mm
TRRRS supplied
(Earphone end)

MMCX male pin with Twist Lock mechanism
MMCX female pins with internal spring lock
Gold plated contacts 
Cable OSLO Cable: PC Triple C conductors
enriched by gold and silver nanoparticles
Chassis Material Polished Brass and Macassar Ebony
Splitter CNC'd Brass and Wood 
Integrated Chin Strap
Colour Brass and Ebony

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