The Celeste


2022 sees the release of DITA’s super upgrade cable, the Celeste.

With the implementation of Kondo Japan's pure silver conductors. The DITA Celeste brings you a refreshed take on the silver cable as you've never heard it before: Unprecedented levels of speed and clarity, with the body to match.

Possibly the first time Kondo’s silver conductors have been implemented in portable audio, the addition of DITA’s new Awesome plug V2 makes this groundbreaking cable the full package.

The Celeste's white outer weave serves as a deliberate design choice referring to the clarity and purity of Celeste’s sound, a call to users to treat this upgrade cable and its delicate silver conductors with care.

The sound of synergy, an expression of hedonism, an experience.

Available in 2-Pin with only 250 units available worldwide

The Kondo Legacy

Carrying with it a legacy of almost 5 decades: the Celeste’s silver conductors come from Kondo Japan. An institution known for their mastery in silver in the field of high-end audio electronics. Aged, drawn and annealed as only Kondo can.

With its exclusive prices and closely-guarded processes. Kondo Japan is a mainstay in the home systems of only the most discerning audio enthusiasts.

What Kondo silver imparts to a system is unmistakable. Purity, lusciousness and unparalleled resolution.

Even in a more portable form the Celeste embodies these traits. It is deep and detailed, expansive, resolving and buttery smooth.

The Awesome Plug Version 2

DITA released the original interchangeable Awesome Plug alongside the Truth Cable in 2015. In that time, it has inspired waves of interchangeable plug designs.

The Celeste will be equipped Awesome Plug Version 2. An improved version of the beloved Awesome plug with a sleeker silhouette. Reducing the strain on your source's output jack.

The Awesome Plug Version 2 comes in 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced configurations.

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