The Navigator: Set to Launch in Japan on July 8

The DITA Navigator, DITA’s latest portable DAC-AMP solution will be launching officially at the Potafes 2023 Summer Akihabara, happening on the 8th and 9th of July, at the Sumitomo Realty & Development Akihabara Building.

The Navigator’s initial release is poised for a 400-unit limited run, with all 400 units being sold to the Japanese market only, and an international release slated for later on. The initial run of Navigators will be in anodized black only, with more colours due to come as well.

The construction of the Navigator is striking and sharp, a departure from the more minimalist-styled dongles and portable DAC-AMPs. This is made possible to the use of 5-axis CNC machines to carve out precision-cut parts from solid blocks of 6000-series aerospace-grade aluminium alloys.

It’s light enough to be easy to carry, yet strong enough to take a few knocks without damaging the internals. The sleek black anodisation also ensures the aluminium does not oxidise easily, and gives the Navigator a sleek, polished appearance.

Also not to be underestimated is the sound of the Navigator. The ESS ES9219 dual DACs are known to be superb in detail and neutrality, and this reflects well on the sound signature. It’s also a powerful source, putting out a solid 340mW @ 32 ohms, and also supports up to DSD356, and MQA audio.

It’s made to push power through some of the more notoriously difficult to drive IEMs, and does so without breaking a sweat. The availability of both the single-ended 3.5mm and the balanced 4.4mm outputs means that users can drive basically anything portable.

Physical recessed buttons means you won’t accidentally hit the volume rocker and blow your eardrums out, but the adjustability of both your source and DAC volumes means one can fine tune the listening levels to whatever one prefers.

DITA Audio will be situated at the final audio booth, on the second floor, booth number 2F-26.